Membership Application


$40 per calendar year

Legion Meetings

Board of Directors: 6 PM the Wednesday before the Membership meeting

Membership: 7 PM 2nd Thursday of each month

2019 - 2020 Post Officers


Gary Deaton

1st vice

Joe Martinez

2nd Vice

Ralph Juarez

Judge Advocate

Jon Baker


Cathy McDougall


Jon Baker


Sgt at Arms

Sam Albro


Sherryl Panek










Service Officer





Jr Past Commander

Mike Hohler



2019 - 2020 Executive Board


Jon Baker

Finance Officer

Czec Panek

Sherryl Panek

Ralph Juarez


Mike Hohler



we have begun the process to officially rename our Post to

Post 694 - Teo Colon Memorial


Teofilo Colon
Jan. 8, 1935 - Jan. 6 2016

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California State


District 28



Monterey Veterans Resource Center

40 Bonifacio Place
Monterey, CA

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